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Thread: My Space

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09-18-2005 21:01 Forum: General Discussion

I'm a newbie here, but what the hey? Here's my MySpace URL:

Thread: Alarma Radio Special...what's it worth?

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09-12-2005 13:37 Forum: General Discussion

Thanks for the feedback so far...
I appreciate it.
If I could pull 50 bucks out of it I would be more than pleased, but yeah, I guess it all depends on who is in the market (and the vinyl aspect is limiting...what can I say? It's from 1981, before the advent of digital technology).
Might be a good idea to wait until November, early December to take advantage of Christmas gift shoppers.
But I dunno...if gas prices don't drop soon I may have to take whatever I can get, huh?

So does anyone around here know if "Mr. Buechner's Dream" is DA's swan song? Hope not, but man they'd sure go out with a "bang" if it turns out to be.

Thread: Holy crap, look what I found at a pawn shop...

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09-10-2005 18:50 Forum: General Discussion

Congrats on your find! The best I've ever done is cassettes of "Kalhoun", "Motorcycle" and "Live Bootleg 82" for a buck a piece at Gardners Books. I don't get to Tulsa much anymore, but maybe I should plan a day of just pawn-shopping 'round there...
Thread: Alarma Radio Special...what's it worth?

Replies: 22
Views: 20,707
Alarma Radio Special...what's it worth? 09-10-2005 17:15 Forum: General Discussion

First off, let me say that I'm honored to finally be a part of this community of Daniel Amos fans. I have loved their music ever since I first heard "Horrendous Disc"...in fact, I used to play tracks from that album on a "Gospel By Radio" local radio program that I hosted when I first got out of high school back in 1980. I remember thinking that "Alarma" would be one of the most revolutionary "Contemporary Christian" albums of all time when I first heard it, and needless to say I was totally blown away by "Doppelganger" and "Vox Humana". I sort of abdicated the scene for a long period before the release of "Fearful Symmetry" (though I eventually did hear it and love it) so there's a chunk of DA stuff I've not heard (basically everything except "Motorcycle", "Kalhoun", "Songs of the Heart" and the awesome "Mr. Buechner's Dream", which is where I became a hardcore fan again).
I'm also quite fond of the Swirling Eddies and Lost Dogs, and I actually had the opportunity to ask Jason Martin in person what it was like to work with Terry Taylor, re his production of Starflyer 59's excellent "Leave Here a Stranger" (his reply=it was like working with an exuberant kid bursting with great ideas...that's a paraphrase, btw, but a close one)...
Anyway, my main purpose in posting here at this time is to attempt to ascertain the monetary value of an item that I hope to sell on e-Bay, which is, I presume, of a rare nature (I have never seen it offered before).
I am NOT trying to sell it to anyone here...thought I'd better throw that out...but I figured if anyone knew how much I should expect to get for it, you guys/gals would.
The item is a 12" vinyl recording of the Daniel Amos Alarma Radio Special ("An Intimate Insight"), the transcript of which can be found on DA's website at http://www.danielamos.com/articles/alarmara.html ... I assume it was released to radio programmers and djs just prior to the release of the Alarma album. The cover is identical to the Alarma album cover, but affixed to the bottom front is a purple sticker that reads "A New Radio Special...Daniel Amos...an intimate insight". The cover is in very good condition and the record itself is as close to mint as any I've ever seen. I doubt it has been played more than a couple of times.
The reason I am selling this is simple...I do not have a record player and I have no plans to purchase one in the future. I am considering having a friend burn the special onto a CD for me before I ship it to the buyer, but as a vinyl record I really have no use for it (and I am not a memorabilia collector).
I will wait a few days for a possible response (as to the record's value) before I place it on eBay, and I thank you in advance for the opportunity to draw upon your knowledge.
I know this kinda looks like some sales pitch, but honestly it's not. I'm about 99% positive this will sell on eBay (trust me, I've tried to get DA stuff there myself)... I just want to make sure I get what it's worth.
Any questions or comments and I will be happy to respond.
Thanks again...
James Arthur Casey
John 6: 67-69
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