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The Farm Beetles

  • The Farm Beetles "Meet The Farm Beetles"
    Produced by The Farm Beetles (Ed/Stunt)
    Yisterdie/Hilter Skilter/Strawburry Fields/A Day In the Laff/
    Imagin'/Within Ya, Without Ya/Bertday/Ravolution # Niner/'n In Thee Ind

    Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor

  • Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor "The Miracle Faith Telethon"
    Produced and Directed by Terry Taylor (Alarma!)
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    The Pool (1990 Version)/Riders in the Sky (New)/
    I'm On Your Team (New)/The Miracle Faith Prickly Heat
    Telethon of Love (New)/Hide The Beer, The Pastor's Here (Party Version)/
    Young Peoples Ethnic Ministry (New)/Don't Hate Yourself-Pulpit Masters
    (Extended Undanceable Remix)/Fruit O' Ministry (New)/Sprinkler Head (New)/
    The Large Family We Always Wanted (New)/Untitled (Lost Eddies Instrumetnal)/
    All Things To All Men (New)/Big Guns 1990 (Mellow Version with vocals)/
    Little Dumbo (New)/What A World, What A World (Swirling Mellow Version)/
    Beyond The Wall Of Sleep/Changeless/A Briefing For The Ascent/
    Only One (New)/The Unattainable Earth (Remix)/
    Catch That Angel (Remix)/Sudden Heaven (Remix)/
    Soon!/Pretentious Poetry Readings (New)


  • Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor "The Prickly Heat Radio Players"
    Produced and Directed by Terry Taylor (Stunt Comedy)

  • Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor "The Perfectly Frank, True Story of Christmas" EP
    Produced and Directed by Terry Taylor (Stunt Comedy)