<The Lost Cabin and the Mystery Trees>

The Lost Cabin and the Mystery Trees

The Lost Cabin and the Mystery Trees

The Lost Dogs

2006 Fools of the World
Produced By the Lost Dogs and Steve Hindalong

The Lost Cabin and the Mystery Trees

1. Broken Like Brooklyn (Taylor)
2. Devil's Elbow (Taylor)
3. The Lost Cabin and the Mystery Trees (Taylor)
4. Whispering Memories (Daugherty/Hindalong)
5. One More Day (Roe)
6. This Business Is Goin' Down (Taylor)
7. Hardening My Heart (Taylor)
8. Only One Bum In Corona del Mar (Taylor)
9. Get Me Ready (Taylor)
10. Burn It Up (Daugherty/Hindalong)
11. That's Where Jesus Is (Taylor)

All Songs 2006 Terry Scott Taylor Musi (BMI), except:
"Burn It Up" 2006 Derri Products/Color Wheel Songs/Meaux Music/EMI (ASCAP)
"Whispering Memories" 2006 Paragon Music (ASCAP)
"One More Day" 2006 7&7iS Music (ASCAP)

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Recording Information

Recorded and mixed by Derri Daugherty at Sled Dog, Franklin, TN
Mastered by Richard Dodd, Nashville, TN
Additional Recording by Mark Harmon at the Harm Farm, Loomis, CA ("One More Day")


Cover illustrations & Photography by: Jimmy Abegg (Jimmy Industries)
Design Assembled by Brian Heydn (SpireHouse Design Studio).

In Loving Memory of Gene Eugene, who was with us every step of the way in making this album.

The Lost Dogs:

Terry Scott Taylor: Vocal & Guitar
Derri Daugherty: Vocal, Guitar & Bass
Mike Roe: Vocal, Guitar & Bass
Steve Hindalong: Drums, Percussion, Harp & Glockenspiel

Also Featuring:
Tim Chandler: Bass
Matt Slocom: Pedal Steel
Jerry Chamberlain: Background Vocal on "Get Me Ready."
Shane & Chance Daugherty: Background Vocals on "Corona Del Mar."



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