Real Men Cry

from the album Real Men Cry

Words and Music by Terry Scott Taylor

I always thought I was the strong one
who had the faith when you had doubt
I was the one to hide my feelings,
you were the one to let them out
My daddy taught me, "Son,
be tough and strong,"
and that's what I've tried to do
But now you're telling me girl
you can't live like this,
that you might be leavin' soon

Do real men cry?
I never thought it was true,
maybe I could tough this one out
Be strong enough to make it through,
(but now) there's tears in the eyes
of this stubborn fool,
Do real men cry?
Well, baby, now you know,
that real men do.

Assumed you knew that I would love you,
and be your rock through thick and thin
I've always been a man of few words,
when what you needed was a friend
I thought that if I stood tall just like a wall,
it would all be good enough,
Please let me hold you now
and promise you girl,
that I'm through with acting tough.


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