<Real Men Cry>

Real Men Cry

Real Men Cry

The Lost Dogs

2001 BEC Records
Produced By Terry Taylor, Derri Daugherty and Mike Roe

Real Men Cry

1. A Certain Love (Taylor)
2. Gates of Eden (Taylor)
3. Real Men Cry (Taylor)
4. Three Legged Dog (Taylor)
5. When the Judgment Comes (Taylor)
6. In the Distance (Taylor)
7. The Great Divide (Taylor)
8. The Mark of Cain (Taylor)
9. Dust on the Bible (Taylor)
10. Wild Ride (Taylor)
11. Golden Dreams (Taylor)
12. No Shadow of Turning (Taylor)
13. Lovely Man (Roe)

All songs and P.D. arrangements 2001 Zoom Daddy Music.
"Dust on the Bible" 1946 (Renewed 1975) Acuff-Rose Music, Inc. (BMI)

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Recording Information

Recorded and mixed at The Green Room
Engineered by Derri Daugherty
Additional Engineering: Chris Colbert and Terry Taylor.
Mixed by Chris Colbert and the Lost Dogs


Mastered by Brian Gardner

The Lost Dogs:

Terry Taylor: Guitars and Vocals
Mike Roe: Guitars and Vocals
Derri Daugherty: Guitars and Vocals

Additional Musicians:
Tim Chandler: Bass
Frank Lenz: Drums, percussion
Mike Knott: Vocal on "A Certain Love"
Doctor Love: Bass
Phil Madeira: Pull-string Telecaster, B3 organ, accordion



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