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TimeLine : 1983

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The ¡Alarma! Chronicles Years


    (U2's Larry Mullen jr wearing his DA button)

  • In a series of promotional photos, U2 drummer Larry Mullen jr. is photographed wearing the classic red and green DA button. U2's connection to DA goes back to at least ¡Alarma! when Bono was given a copy of the album during U2's first tour of the US.
    Sandi Stonehill: "Oh, that was MY button! I gave it to him!" U2 had asked to meet Randy, so she and Randy had about 30 minutes in a small trailer with them. Larry Mullen commented on Sandi's button collection, and pointed to the DA button in particular and said, "I love Daniel Amos." So she gave the button to the drummer, as anyone would.

    (U2 with Larry Mullen jr wearing his DA button)

  • Steve Hindalong and Derri Daugherty form a new band called, the Youth Choir, a name given to them by Terry Taylor.
    Steve: "I had played in about 10 bands with Tim Chandler, and he knew this guy named Derri he met at this Dwight Thompson TV evangelist thing. And he said, 'this Derri guy knows the guys in Daniel Amos and he's got connections!' And I said, 'wow! That's really cool!' Becuase to me at that time, the ultimate would be to play at Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa. That would be making it. If we could do that, we'd hit the big time."
    Terry: "I gave them the name Youth Choir, but they were a little afraid of going the way of the Beach Boys so they dropped the "Youth" thing. (Source: Brian Quincy Newcomb in "The HRS-Terry Taylor Interview Part Three")

    (The Lucky Stiffs)
  • Hindalong and Tim Chandler also form a band called The Lucky Stiffs.
    Tim: "We never made a record or a single. we made a demo of several songs which the great Mark Heard recorded and i can't currently find the tape of it. it exists only on tape ... somewhere."

  • Terry co-produces an album with Mark Heard for Tom Howard which was never released. It is during these sessions that Terry meets David "Raven" McSparran, who would later go on to work on many other projects with Terry.

    January 1983

  • The Doppelganger Radio Special airs across the country. The special was produced by Bruce Brown.
    View transcript

    January 15, 1983

    Daniel Amos Rolling Hills 1983
  • Daniel Amos performs at Rolling Hills Covenant Church in Rolling Hills Estates, CA

    January 21, 1983

  • Randy Stonehill's Equator is released on Myrhh Records. Terry Produced and is credited as the "Man In The Audience On 'Big Ideas'"; Album Cover concept by Randy and Terry. Tom Howard plays keyboards; Tim Chandler plays bass; Alex plays percussion; Ed and Terry play drums on "China"; BGV's by Tom Howard, Jerry Chamberlain, Sharon McCall, Ed & Janet McTaggart, Terry Taylor, Beau MacDougall, Leslie Phillips, and others; Bagpipes, Vibes & Xylophone by Doll (MacDougall) Gallienne; Ethel Murman's Assailant On "Big Ideas" is Jerry Chamberlain; Jamaican Choir On "Shut De Do": Randy Stonehill, Tom & Dori Howard, Jerry Chamberlain, Sharon McCall amd others, Handclaps by Randy, Jerry Chamberlain, Sharon McCall, Tim Alderson, & Terry Taylor; Additional Keyboards by Mark Cook & Rob Watson; The Singing Waitresses are Shari Larson, Jackie Goushe, Dori Howard, and Sharon McCall; Additonal Electric Rhythm Guitar by Derri Daugherty; Fast Food Patron is Jerry Chamberlain; Lead Guitars by Jim "Nuclear" Nicholson; Jerry Chamberlain & Tim Chandler; "Star Trek" Soprano Solo: Janet McTaggart.
    Album Info and Artwork

    (Terry Taylor and Thom Roy during the Equator sessions)

    Randy: "The real joy of making a record is the comraderie and teamwork that is required in the recording process. You can write a song by yourself or you can do a concert performance by yourself, but the producer, engineer, musicians, and background vocalists, all play an invaluable part in an album project. It has been a pleasure working with gifted people like Terry Taylor, the Daniel Amos band, and Tom Howard. I think working with friends adds an extra warmth and cohesiveness to the music."

    Early 1983

    Rob Watson

  • Rob Watson joins the band on keyboards.

    Daniel Amos Doppelganger Mask Daniel Amos Doppelganger Mask Daniel Amos Doppelganger Mask Daniel Amos Doppelganger Mask

    (Left to Right, Ed McTaggart's Mask, Terry Taylor's Mask, Rob Watson's Mask and Tim Chandler's Mask.)
  • Daniel Amos begins the Doppelganger Tour. The tour was a full multimedia show with mannequins, video screens and lights syncronized to the music. Each show started with the DA guys wearing masks and walking onto the darkened stage while the song "Hollow Man" was playing. Each mask had small battery packs and lightbulbs attatched to them. Each mask-wearing band member would put the small lightbulbs inside their mouths. When the band would lip-sync the words of "Hollow Man," it would cause each mask "face" to light up with a strange, eerie glow, eminating from the mouth.

  • Daniel Amos replaced the Joe English Band at a concert in Rancho Cardova, CA. where they were heckled and some of the audience walked out.

    February 10, 1983

  • Daniel Amos performs at Berkeley Community Theater in Berkeley, California.

    March 1983

  • Daniel Amos is featured in CCM Magazine.
    "A Band for a New Age"

    March 2, 1983

  • The Manhattan Mercury prints the following article by music critic Ifan Payne about their upcoming concert at the City Auditorium in Manhattan, KS. The same issue includes a short review of the Alarma! album. Read Album Reviews

    (Manhattan Mercury article scan courtesy of Rob Yost)

    March 4, 1983

    Daniel Amos Manhattan KS 1983
    (Manhattan, KS Poster courtesy of Dean Apel)

  • Daniel Amos performs at the City Auditorium in Manhattan, KS. Avalon opened the show.

    March 5, 1983

    Daniel Amos Oklahoma 1983
    (Live in Oklahoma, courtesy of Bryan Hahn)
  • Daniel Amos performs at the Community Center Auditorium in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Randy Stonehill opened the show.

    March 8, 1983

  • Scaterd Few records a demo to shop around for a record contract. Allan Aguirre from the band tracks down Ed McTaggart through Rebel Base Production.
    Allan Aguirre: "I left all my info with Ed along with a request that he would have Terry call me. I'm at my parent's house one night (before getting kicked out again) and during dinner Terry calls on the phone. We chat for a bit and decide to meet in two weeks at a North Hollywood studio where he's producing someone. We meet, talk for maybe ten minutes, I slip him the demo and that was that. He actually listened to it, called me back, came out for a day to do some pre-production, and then we spent two days in Whiefield Studio with him and Thom Roy in July recording eleven songs, five of which made it on Out of the Attic along with the two song demo. Terry had tried getting us a deal back in '83 with the eleven songs we had recorded, but it basically freaked everyone out. The words 'Christian music will never get harder or stranger than Undercover' were spoken a lot back then from the labels in regards to us."

    March 10, 1983

  • Daniel Amos performs at Ingraham Hight School in Seattle, WA with Crystal City Rockers.

    April 16, 1983

  • Cash Box announces the formation of Alarma! Records.
    "Alarma! Looks Ahead. In an effort to fill the growing need for avant-garde gospel product, Alarma! Records was formed as an affiliate of the Benson group with its first album, Doppelganger by Daniel Amos, scheduled for release during 1983. The follow-up to the Alarma! album that appeared on NewPax, Doppelganger will include a fictional/fantasy story along with the actual album, while the graphics will tie closely with the material on the LP. The album will include topics that are not generally thought of as gospel material - technology, feminism and individual identity, among others."

    June 1983

  • A Daniel Amos concert is reviewed in Windstorm Magazine.
    "Daniel Amos in Concert"

    July 1983

  • Evie & Pelle Karlsson's Restoration is released on Word Records. Rob Watson played keyboards for the album; Alex MacDougall played percussion.

  • Terry and Thom Roy spend two days in Whitefield studios with Scaterd Few recording eleven songs, five of which made it on Out of the Attic along with the two song demo.

    July 8, 1983

  • Terry's Grandfather Lawrence "Bill" Borthick passes away in Bakersfield.
    Terry: "I spent a great deal of my childhood with my grandparents because of the many difficulties my parents had in the early years of their marriage. They were VERY young parents, and my grandparents were a source of support and comfort for two people who were just kids themselves. My grandfather was loving and generous in spirit and a great role model for me. I miss him greatly."

    Mid 1983

  • Terry and Debi Taylor attend a friends wedding at the south Pasadena Hotel in California. Other guests include the (Randy) Stonehill's, the (Mark) Heard's, the (Tom) Howards', Billy Batstone, Holly Benyousky, Ray Ware and others.
    At one point during the reception, with Randy on the far side of the room, Tom Howard gets up and starts to dance solo. He begins dancing very humbly, but eventually begins to cover a third of the dance floor. Randy turns from his conversation and notices Tom. Tom notices Randy and their eyes lock. Without excusing himself, Randy maintains the eye contact and moves onto the dance floor towards Tom. Soon, they lock arms and are spinning together in the middle of the dance floor. Before long they are doing a hysterical blend of every type of dance they can think of, contemporary or ethnic.
    Soon, the dance floor clears so that everyone can see this improbable pair dance. When the song ends, Tom and Randy alone remain on the floor, bowing to a rousing standing ovation.
    Sandi Stonehill: "This is a tradition. Every wedding these guys go to they dance."

    August 6, 1983

  • Jerry Chamberlain performs his last show as DA's regular guitarist at Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa, CA.
    Set List: Concert Intro, As The World Turns, I Love You #19, Faces To The Window, Mall All Over The World, Real Girls, Ghost Of The Heart, Memory Lane, Endless Summer, Colored By, New Car, Build It Intro, I Didn't Build It For Me, Sanctuary Intro, Sanctuary, Walls of Doubt

    Late 1983

    Jerry Chamberlain

  • Jerry Chamberlain (Lead Guitar) leaves DA. Chamberlain would continue to perform and record with the band at various times in the years that follow.
    Terry: "Jerry was married and wanted to establish a family life. He was tired of the road and tired of the problems that any Christian rock 'n' roll band encounters. Jerry's one of my very, very best friends. On a social level and a spiritual, fellowship level, we always remained friends." (Source: "dANIEL aMOS Rides Again" by Fred Clark, NOTEBORED Mar/Apr 1993)

    Daniel Amos Cornerstone Magazine 1983
    (Left to Right: Fill-in guitarist Milo Carter, Tim Chandler, Terry Taylor, Rob Watson and Ed McTaggart.)
  • Following Chamberlain's departure, Milo Carter of the Lucky Stiffs, occasionally filled in as lead guitarist for the band.


    Daniel Amos ~ Doppelganger

  • Doppelgänger is released.

    View Album Reviews
    Album Info & Lyrics

    Terry: " It was a pretty dark record. And, you know, it wasn't planned. I never think in terms of what is going to be the overall effect of the record -- whether it's going to be dark or sort of light and airy or whatever... It just sort of happens. I think the dark and almost industrial feel you get from this record is because it was very Bowie-esque in approach. It was a production piece more than a band going in to record. Sort of a Sergeant Pepper kind of thing.... sort of artsy, but much more successful than Fearful Symmetry."

    Randy Stonehill: "I think this is a landmark recording, sadly underrated and ahead of its time. It encouraged me to keep 'pushing the artistic envelope' in my own work."

    Steve Taylor: "Daniel Amos set groundwork that enabled me to do what I'm doing. Some of the issues they were tackling on the Doppelganger album just blew me away. It was great stuff, and very much ahead of its time."

  • August 13, 1983

    Daniel Amos California 1983
  • Daniel Amos performs in Pleasantville, CA at the Alameda Country Fairgrounds Amphitheatre with the 77s and Undercover. Doppelganger is sold for the first time at this concert. Milo Carter fills in on guitar.

    September 5, 1983

  • Daniel Amos performs in San Diego, California.

    Daniel Amos button
    (DA Button)

    October 1983

  • Back To The Rock #2 is released on A&S Records. The compilation includes tracks by Bill Batstone, Spurr and McNeil, The Lifters, The Altar Boys, and others. Rob Watson plays keyboards on nearly every track on the album. Rob also sings background vocals for Spurr and McNeil's track. Tom Howard provides backing vocals for Bill Batstone's track.

    November 1983

  • The Lifesavors Dream Life is released on Refuge Records. Jerry Chamberlain and Sharon McCall sing background vocals.

    November 1, 1983

    Rob Watson ~ Body and Soul

  • Rob Watson's band, Body & Soul, releases a single "Somethings Going On Here"/"The Graylands". Only 800 copies were printed.
    Rob: "I always intended to complete an album, but I wanted to do it differently. I wanted to release a set of seven inch singles starting with that first single, releasing two songs every couple of months until five or six were finished. Around the time I recorded that single, I started touring with DA in earnest. I was also working as a studio musician as well as touring with Petra, the Sheila Walsh Band, Tonio K., and The Surfaris, and got crazy busy, so I shelved that idea and started to record a more conventional album in between tours."

    November 8, 1983

  • Evie's Hymns is released on Word Records. Alex MacDougall played percussion and the album was engineered by DA roadie Derri Daugherty.

    Daniel Amos Doppelganger Tour Ad
    (Above: Advertisement for the upcoming Doppelganger Tour.)

    December 10, 1983

  • Steve Baxter (formerly of Daniel Amos, Bethlehem and the Michael Chapman band) performs at The Veterans Hall in Santa Cruz, CA.




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