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TimeLine : 1999

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  • David Raven (Hort) begins working with a band called the Screamin' Rays - featuring the Lifter's/Wild Blue Yonder's Chris Brigandi and Crysyal Lewis.

  • Dean-O and the Dynamos' Soul Surfin' is released on FKO Music. Tim Chandler played bass and David Raven played drums.

    January 1999

  • Terry left KMG as head of A&R.

  • Terry's Surfonic Water Revival is nominated by the Gospel Music Association for a Dove Award.

    February 1999

  • Terry was part of a Jesus Music Reunion two-day film shoot in Nashville by Larry Black to be part of a five video box set, featuring other artists like Larry Norman, Tom Howard, Dallas Holm, Honeytree, etc.

  • Stunt Records reissues the Eddies' Spittle & Phlegm video. The "Apology Video" was added to the reissue as bonus footage.
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    March 1999

  • Terry Taylor discovers the master for an old demo tape of Terry, Tim and Doug, in Katy Haselden's garage. Tracks are being considered for use as a bonus track on the upcoming KMG best of Terry Taylor compilation.

  • The Lost Dogs begin to negotiate a three album deal with BEC Recordings.

    March 12, 1999

  • All of the people that contributed concert dates, or photos to this site before it was opened to the public, were "treated" with a small sneak peek at the yet unfinished page. The URL was emailed to each of them.

    March 18, 1999

  • This web site was opened to the public. Initially, it was called "Memory Lane" and did not become the official DA website until sometime later.

    April 24, 1999

  • Daniel Amos performs "'Aint Gonna Fight It", "Walls Of Doubt" and "You Lay Down" at Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim as part of a Jesus People reunion, held by Calvary Chapel in Cost Mesa.
    Other speakers and performers included Chuck Smith, Love Song, Malcolm & Alwyn, Darrell Mansfield, and others. The event was filmed and recorded for a Ltd Edition CD and Video Release through Maranatha! Music.
    Band members reunited for the show were Terry, Mark Cook, Marty Dieckmeyer, Alex MacDougall, Ed McTaggart, Tim Chandler and the Prayer Chain's Andy Prickett.
    Available, for the first time, at the show are Calvary Chapel's CD reissue of "The Revelation."

    Mid May, 1999

  • Work begins on the Daniel Amos Tribute Album. The project which started as merely an indie/unsigned artists tribute - grew into something much larger overnight. Within a few days of announcing the project, over 40 artists and bands showed interest in contributing. At this time, the album is affectionately refered to as Terryfied - a title suggested by Brian Healy.

  • Calvary Chapel releases The Revelation on CD.

    Late May, 1999

  • The Lost Dogs sign a contract with BEC recordings, and enter the studio to record a new album.

    Terry Scott Taylor ~ Glimpses of Grace

  • KMG releases a Terry Scott Taylor best of compilation, entitled Glimpses of Grace.

    May 31, 1999

  • Ed performs with Pete Jacob's Wartime Radio Revue at Memories in Anaheim, CA.

    June 5, 1999

  • This website (originally entitled Memory Lane) and the official Stunt Records Swirling Wacky Website begin to merge.

    June 1999

  • Terry finsihes writing 10 new songs for his next solo album. Songs include "Startin' Monday," "Pie Hole," "Built Her a Cloud," "Capistrano Beach," "Afternoon," and "Cowboys with Engines."

  • The Lost Dogs record Gift Horse over one week. One song, entitled "Pretend I'm Elvis," is started but left unfinished by the Dogs. The unfinished tracks would later be completed and end up on Terry's solo project Avocado Faultline, which would be released the following year. The final released version includes vocals and instrumentation by the other Lost Dogs.

    Late June 1999

  • The Daniel Amos Tribute album's working title changed from Terryfied to When Worlds Collide. Many other possible titles are being considered.

    August 8, 1999

  • Ed marries Kristy Anderberg in a Scottish ceremony; the Good Shepherd Chapel at Concordia University, Irvine, CA. Officiant was Peter Jacobs (formerly of Children of the Day) -who also hosted and played at the reception as bandleader of the Wartime Radio Revue; the bride is WRR's keyboard player. Bride and groom sat in with the band for a couple of numbers.

    August 13, 1999

  • Terry Taylor records music for Doug TenNapel's Boombots video game.

    August 23, 1999

  • Douglas TenNapel completes work on the cover for the Daniel Amos tribute album When Worlds Collide.

    Late August-Early September 1999

  • The Lost Dogs mix their next album, Gift Horse

    October 1999

  • Ed McTaggart begins playing drums for a 4 piece band called Class of 69, which performs classic rock songs by the Eagles, the Beatles, Cream, Marvin Gaye, the Moody Blues and others.

    October 3, 1999

  • The Lost Dogs perform in Phoenix, AZ at the First Baptist Church.
    Set List: Imagine That, No Ship Coming In, You Gotta Move, Up In The Morning, Amber Waves Goodbye, Bullet Train, (Free Drinks And A Dream) A Vegas Story, Blessing In Disguise, Bad Indigestion, Why Is The Devil Red?, Eleanor, It's Raining Now, Built For Glory, Close But No Cigar, The Last Testament Of Angus Shane, Pray Where You Are, Breathe Deep, Smokescreen, I Am A Pilgrim,

    October 19, 1999

  • BEC Recordings Happy Christmas 2 is released, featuring the Lost Dogs cover of the Chipmunks' "The Chipmunk Song".
    Mike Roe: "As always, Burliegh played drums. I think that Derri played bass, but it could've been Gene. Derri and I played electric guitars, and possibly Terry played acoustic, but I can't remember. Accordion was either Gene or possibly Phil..."

    October 26, 1999

  • Any Given Day is released on BEC Recordings. Terry is credited as one of four engineers.

    November 1999

  • An article about the Lost Dogs appears in CCM Magazine.
    "Lost and Found"

    Early November 1999

  • Terry records his fourth solo album, Avocado Faultline, in Nashville with Phil Madeira and others. Terry has also been meeting with some hotshots in Nashville about getting some of his songs placed with huge mainstream acts.

    November 25, 1999

  • Tim Chandler travels to Nashville to begin work on a new Choir record.

    November 28, 1999

  • Tim Chandler returns to California, after a brief stay in Nashville working on the new Choir record.

    November 30, 1999

    Lost Dogs ~ Gift Horse

  • The Lost Dogs' Gift Horse is released on BEC Recordings.
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    Gene Eugene: "When Terry showed up at the first session this time with 10 or 11 completely finished songs, written after I had expressed my feeling that I didn't want to do a mixed bag thing again (3 country songs , 2 blues, a couple pretty ones..etc). His songs were so right for this record, I felt that after we finished basic tracking on those, we had enough. Everyone agreed."
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    An early working title for the album was Miracle Mile.

    December 1999

  • CCM Magazine reviews The Lost Dogs' Gift Horse.
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    The Best of the Lost Dogs

  • The Lost Dogs' The Best of the Lost Dogs is released on KMG Records.

    December 2, 1999

  • Skullmonkeys is released for the Playstation. The video game features a soundtrack by Terry Taylor.

  • The Neverhood's BoomBots is released for the Sony Playstation. The game features more music from Terry Taylor.

    December 14, 1999

  • Christafari's Reggae Worship: First Fruits is released. Terry coproduced 13 tracks; Rob Watson is credited for Drum Programming.

    December 19, 1999

  • A&E airs a special entitled The Unknown Jesus, which features a soundtrack by former DA keyboardist, Rob Watson.




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