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TimeLine : 1985

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The ¡Alarma! Chronicles Years


  • Marloe Scott Wilson's The Pink Lady is released on Refuge Records. Terry wrote "Picture Window" and cowrote "I Believe In Loving You."

  • The Imitator's Once and for All is released on Exile Records. Ed McTaggart handles the art direction and design; Alex McDougall is credited with photography.

  • Jerry Chamberlain and Sharon McCall's band Boy-O-Boy records demos at Whitefield Annex in Santa, CA

    Terry Scott Taylor ~ Knowledge and Innocence
  • A full page ad for Terry's Knowledge and Innocence appears in Calendar Magazine.

  • Daniel Amos performs at Melodyland in Anaheim, CA.
    Greg: "I was dating Karlyn at the time and she was at home listening to the show on the radio. I think there was a rebellious mood in the air and we decided to play "Secret Agent Man" at the end of the set. I remember it was fun to play and sounded really good. I got home and asked Karlyn about it and she said that half-way through the song the radio station switched to other programming!"

    Early 1985

  • Steve Hindalong fills in for Ed McTaggart on a short DA tour.

    January 11, 1985

  • Daniel Amos performs in San Diego, CA.

    January 30, 1985

  • Mark Heard's Mosiacs is released on Myrrh Records. Terry painted part of the album cover which is made up of tiny fragments of the image - each painted by a variety of artists. Other painters include: Bill Batstone, T-Bone Burnett, Tim Chandler, Dave de Coup-Crank, David Edwards, Janet Heard, Mark Heard, Actor Jerry Houser, Tom Howard, Tonio K, Ed McTaggart, John Mehler, Leslie Phillips, Randy Stonehill, Pat Terry, and Ray Ware.

    February 1, 1985

  • The Youth Choir's Voices In Shadows is released on Broken Records. Ed McTaggart designed the sleeve artwork.

    February 6, 1985

  • Tom Howard and Bill Batstone's One By One is released on A&S Records. Jerry Chamberlain played guitar synthesizer; Alex MacDougall played percussion; David Raven played Drums; Mark Heard engineered and mixed.

    March 6, 1985

  • An interview with Terry airs on the 700 club.

    March 24, 1985

  • Terry and Debi's daughter Noelle is born.

    March 27, 1985

  • Crumbacher's Incandescent is released on Broken Records. Ed McTaggart handled the art direction and layout for the album.

    April 13, 1985

  • Daniel Amos performs in Boston, MA.

    April 16, 1985

  • Daniel Amos performs in Charlotte, NC.

    April 17, 1985

  • Daniel Amos performs in Greenville, SC.

    April 19, 1985

  • Daniel Amos performs in Detroit, MI.

    April 22, 1985

  • Daniel Amos performs in Grand Rapids, MI.

    April 26, 1985

  • Daniel Amos performs at the Ichthus Festival in Wilmore, KY.
    Set List: Travelog, I Love You #19, Big Time Big Deal, As the World Turns, Mall (All Over the World), Faces to the Window, Memory Lane, Real Girls, New Car!, Dance Stop

    April 27, 1985

  • Daniel Amos performs in Lancaster, SC.

    May 2, 1985

  • Daniel Amos performs in San Fransisco, California.

    May 3, 1985

  • Daniel Amos performs in Concord, California.

    May 4, 1985

  • Daniel Amos performs at the Rainbow Room in Denver, Colorado. with Tom Howard opening
    Terry: "As a practical joke, I told the club owner that they'd made a mistake and that Tom's name was actually Juan. They changed the marquee to read Juan Howard before Tom got to the club, and after I finally revealed the whole story to him, we all had a good laugh."

  • While DA was heading back to the west coast after the Vox Humana Tour, DA's tour bus loses a wheel, nearly causing a potentially fatal accident.
    Tim: Right before the Vox Humana tour, the band bought an old converted school bus. It had enough room in it that we could fit an entire PA, all the lighting, amps, guitars, etc., and still have enough room that the band and road crew could all ride in this one vehicle. It was still kind of a tight fit, and I would often climb up on top of the PA stacks and crawl to the mid-section of the bus where i could lie down, smoke a cigar and read a book. The stuff was packed high enough that as I lay there, my face would be about 8 inches from the ceiling of the bus. (yes, I had to smoke part of the cigar down before I could climb up there.) I would sometimes even sleep up there on an overnight drive. The band lineup was the Vox lineup with Rob Watson on keyboards and Greg on guitar. It was Greg's first tour with us. That ancient bus made it through the entire tour without too much trouble, (although I remember Greg, mr. fixit-scientist-type-guy, with the hood up and half his body submerged into the engine compartment with just his legs sticking up as he was fixing something.)

    One afternoon on our way home, we were on that road that heads down into Las Vegas, from the east side of Las vegas going West. I was laying up on top of the PA in the back when I heard this incredible metalic grinding sound and felt the bus shudder and start to swerve. I looked up to see our soundman, and the guy who usually drove the bus (and thank God he was driving this time!) Dave Hackbarth standing up out of the driver's seat, clutching the wheel with both hands and putting all his weight into it to keep the bus from veering off the road and flipping over. (Dave is a HUGE, strong man. If he hadn't been driving, we'd all be dead right now. I'm certain that i would've died because of where I was in the bus. If it'd rolled, that would have been it. I owe my life to dave hackbarth!) No one knew exactly what had happened. Dave wrestled the thing to a skidding stop on the side of the road and everybody filed out to take a look.

    The right front wheel had come completely off as we were going about 50-55 mph down that road into Las Vegas. It was actually kind of funny; we looked at the part of the axle where the wheel attaches and it had been ground down into a half moon. It was smoking and on fire. We turned to see the loose wheel hauling @$$ across the desert at about 90 mph, kicking up a cloud of dust like in a road-runner cartoon. We owe our lives to Dave Hackbarth!!"

    May 5, 1985

  • Daniel Amos performs at Wolfgang's in San Fracisco, CA. with Undercover and the Youth Choir.

    June 3, 1985

    Daniel Amos Abbotsford BC 1985
    (Concert flyer courtesy of Gord Gelean)

  • Daniel Amos performs at the Abbey Arts Center in Abbotsford, BC, Canada with Jerusalem.

    June 8, 1985

    (Ticket courtesy of Dale Urevig)

  • Daniel Amos performs at the Old State Theater in Minneapolis, MN. with Jerusalem.

    June 1985

  • Terry's first solo album, Knowledge & Innocence, is mixed.

    June 17, 1985

  • Randy Stonehill's Love Beyond Reason is released on Myrrh Records. Future Swirling Eddie David Raven played drums on the album.

    June 20-22, 1985

  • Daniel Amos performs in Grayslake, Illinois at Cornerstone.
    Set List: Travelog, Endless Summer, Home Permanent, As the World Turns, Mall (All Over the World), Incredible Shrinking Man, Memory Lane, New Car!, Real girls, Dance Stop, I Didn't Build it For Me, Misty, I Didn't Build it For Me (Continued), Sanctuary, I Love You #19, William Blake, Dance Stop

  • Terry also takes part in a press conference at the fest.

    June 28 & 29, 1985

  • Daniel Amos performs in Orlando, FL.

    Summer 1985

  • Tim Chandler marries Maria Finch. Tim plans his own bachelor party.
    Tim: "I planned my own bachelor party. I've never been a Big Noble Guy but i've always had a thing about a man who would hire a stripper to come grind away on some creepy, pathetic, stranger's lap: demeaning/degrading to women and worse, if it's possible and it is, really stupid, dopey, typical male behavior. To paraphrase Bukowski, 'Obviousness, unoriginal macho energy...'. So i was looking for something a bit more creative. I suggested to my best friend Leo, how about we all dress in drag (this pre-dated the Eddies' drag) go to a known Hell's Angels biker hangout and see what happens. Yes i know. As impossibly stupid an idea as could be generated. (It was a bar/bowling alley so, a little less scary than going to just a straight biker bar) Please keep in mind, we were young and even stupider than we are now, if THAT'S possible, and it is.

    Surprisingly, all the usual suspects (Terry, Ed, Greg, Steve, Derri, etc.) agreed to it. Even the softer ones (Derri) (who i recall wearing a lovely yellow chiffon) went along with the idea. Steve wore some sort of frighteningly skinny, body-hugging backless thing. Terry went all out with not only a fine dress but perfect makeup and lipstick as well. After gaining courage (small amounts of alcohol may or may not have been involved, speaking ONLY for myself) we entered the bar/bowling alley in which the bikers hung. We expected a possible severe beating and running for our lives. (I've had a lifelong problem with seeking various forms of adventure, some of it indoors.) What happened next was the exact opposite. When we entered the bar/bowling alley, the bikers immediately saw us, pointed, laughed at us and APPLAUDED as we paraded by in dresses, makeup and lipstick. Within 10 minutes we had a lane and the guy running the joint yelled over the PA, "Let's give a warm welcome to the ladies on lane 9!". The bikers applauded again and, inadvertently, unintentionally, we began to entertain.

    When a guy, in his pretty dress, would get up to "bowl", right as he would rear back to let the ball go, five of us would rush him and try to tear his dress off. This instantly became the protocol for the evening. Leo, somewhat unwittingly, didn't wear any clothing under his very pretty, large prairie-dress. Most guys made it through several attempts to "bowl" before their dress came completely off. Unfortunately, Leo bought a prairie-dress that, cartoon-like, completely disintegrated as 5 of us rushed him the very first time right as he reared back to throw. He had to run, in only his tighty-whiteys, to hide behind the ball return.

    By now, the bikers all had lawn chairs and were watching the show. Ed was the smartest. He'd bought a dress made of some sort of space-age polyester-like unknown material. When he went to "bowl", five of us rushed him, each grabbed a different angle, pulled hard, and he actually lifted off the ground. His dress would not tear away and formed a giant bell as he lifted into the air and let the ball go.The bikers were howling.

    I wore jeans under MY pretty prairie-dress. All i had left after the multiple assaults, was something like a blouse/bib. At the end of the evening, when all that's left of your dress is your pretty blouse, you have some lipstick, makeup, and you're talking to a giant biker that you've become friendly with and he doesn't want to kick your ass, things have gone well."

    August 15, 1985

  • Daniel Amos performs in Pleasanton, California at the Almeda County Fairgrounds.

    Daniel Amos Vox Humana Tour 1985 Daniel Amos Vox Humana Tour 1985

    Daniel Amos Vox Humana Tour 1985 Daniel Amos Vox Humana Tour 1985

    (Photos taken in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, courtesy of Davo.)

    Summer 1985

  • Daniel Amos performs in Abbotsford, BC. Jerusalem opened the show.

    August 18, 1985

  • Daniel Amos performs at the Flevo Totaal Festival in Holland. Other performers include Phil Keaggy, Debby Boone, Undercover, Farrel & Farrell and others.
    Tim: "Sometime around 1985/86, live DA shows became more violent. I began jumping up in the air and landing on my back at a particular point in the song, to accentuate it. At 25, I could take it - Greg did it with me - today, I'd, obviously, be hospitalized. Treatment Bound. I can't explain it, other than a desire for a more physical connection to the song and for the band to be more physical. I'd land exactly on beat and the song would continue as I jumped back up and kept playing. Concurrently, Dave Raven (Swirling Eddies/Tonio K. drummer) and I went to a Butthole Surfer's show at a giant windowless enclosed space in downtown Los Angeles. As soon as everyone was inside, they locked the doors behind us. Locked us IN (not joking), lights came onto the stage, taped music started and before the band came out, on a thirty foot screen, footage of some sort of surgery began as two topless women in high heels on either side of the stage began to writhe with the taped music. They were both grinning with silver, metallic braces into a spotlight on each of them. The whole thing scared the living $%!^ out of me.Needless to say, it was a great show. At the end of it, the Buttholes would hit each other over the head with fake beer bottles and "knock" each other out. Light bulb (fake beer bottle) idea over my head. But something a little different.

    I asked Terry, Ed, and Greg: at the end of the show, on the last song, how about we get into a completely fake, but also completely real brawl onstage and end the show. In other words, we're not REALLY trying to hurt each other, although that may happen. Of course, they instantly agreed. The last song would collapse as a brawl ensued and we'd straggle offstage. Of course the last song would be "I Didn't Build It For Me" with the prolonged and now scripted and ridiculous long breakdown in the middle of the song. As the song ended, we got into a fake/real fight. I would usually start it by shoving Greg and trying to throw him to the ground as hard as I could.

    He would take his guitar off and launch himself at me, completely horizontal, bounce off but also knock me down. Terry would then grab my $5 thrift store plaid jacket and rip half of it off me, I'd come back at him, etc, etc, Three Stooges style. This continued until we crawled/stumbled off stage and the song just came to a stuttering halt. In those days, we were doing covers like "A Taste of Honey (Herb Alpert version)", "Secret Agent Man", and "I Am Woman". (To this day, Terry's very sincere delivery of "I Am Woman" is one of my favorite musical experiences ever.) We would typically open a show with "Revolution #9" by the Beatles. Terry (still) has such velocity to his voice that, no matter the size or power of the PA, it would turn to sheer distortion as he did the screaming howl that opens the song.

    All of this was going on when we went to Europe and played Flevo festival in Holland. All the stage crew guys were Scandinavian (Vikings) of some sort or another. Amidst the covers and chaos and nonsense, the end of the show at Flevo was more violent than usual. I'm pretty sure Terry swung a guitar at my head. As the brawl continued, i was the last, crawling off stage. Ed was the last one playing and had stopped, as the song just staggered to an end, and then he walked off. i was crawling offstage, looked to my left and Terry's shoes were still in the exact place as if he were standing at the mic and singing.

    Somehow he had come completely out of his shoes during the brawl. They were at Ten and Two. i started laughing and couldn't stop, as i'm crawling. i then looked up at the Vikings who were doing an eye-shift between me and the shoes but with a completely straight collective face. They did NOT get it and were NOT laughing - which made me laugh even harder. At that point i just laid down, wheezing. Greg finally grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and dragged me off. The Vikings are not funny."

    August 22-26, 1985

  • Daniel Amos performs at the Greenbelt Festival in Castle Ashby, England. Other peformers included Phil Keaggy, Phil & John, Mark Heard, Leslie (Sam) Phillips, Steve Taylor, Deniece Williams, Undercover and others.

  • While in England, DA visits the Kilns, home of C.S. Lewis for over 30 years.
    DA: "the best we expected was to gape at the house from the street for awhile, Then slosh back to town in our damp garments. Our morale had reached an all-time low. Then Terry's brother, Randy, struck upon the idea of knocking on the door. Of course! At best, the man would invite us in out of The rain. At worst, he would be scared of our Appearance and tell us to go away."
    Michael Apichella (Artist & Author): "Our next door neighbor Zena Gibbs warned us that over the years C.S. Lewis pilgrims regularly turned up at The Kilns, hoping to get a glimpse of their literary hero's home. Her warning proved apt: As winter turned to spring, more and more people knocked on our door asking if they could see the house. No doubt word spread that the current occupants of The Kilns were a friendly if not naive couple who rarely turned anyone away-not even the men wearing the fluorescent orange jump suits who were cutting across our front lawn single file. Opening an upstairs window, I called down, "Who are you?"
    "We're the Daniel Amos Band from Santa Ana, California. We play Christian rock 'n' roll. Is this really where C.S. Lewis lived?" Minutes later they sat around our table telling stories of how Lewis's books had helped them find faith in Christ."
    DA: "Things immediately took a turn for the Better. The man invited us in and before we Knew it, we were sipping tea in C.S. Lewis' Drawing room."

    September 4, 1985

  • Twila Paris' Kingdom Seekers is released. Alex MacDougall played percussion on the album.

    September 21, 1985

  • Daniel Amos performs at the Palm Springs High School Auditorium in Covina, California with Cephas.

    September 28, 1985

  • Daniel Amos performs twice at the Grand Music Hall for the Great America Amusement Park Joy Celebration '85 with Benny Hester, Russ Taff and David Meece.

    November 7 & 8, 1985

  • The Columbia College Dance Company in South Carolina presents a fall dance concert in which one segment, entited "Masked Faces," is set to the music of Daniel Amos. (source: The Index-Journal from Greenwood, SC)

    November 22, 1985

  • Daniel Amos performs at York Suburban High School in York, PA. with the Choir opening.

    November 29, 1985

  • Daniel Amos performs in Anahiem, California at the Inn at the Park Hotel. The Altar Boys' Rick Alba fills in for Tim Chandler on Bass.
    Set List: Hollow Man, Travelog, Endless Summer, Home Permanent, As the World Turns, Mall (All Over the World), Incredible Shrinking Man, Memory Lane, New Car! Who Is It? (Talking Heads), Youth With A Machine, Real Girls, The Double, I Love You #19, Faces to the Window, Dance Stop, I Didn't Build it For Me, Misty, I Didn't Build It For Me (Continued), Colored By, Sanctuary

    Late 1985

  • Terry and Ed meet with Jim Kempner in Orange County, to help him with the formative stages of Frontline Records. Taylor was immediately tabbed as Director of Production and McTaggart as Art Director. Nearly every rock project that Frontline undertakes is done so under the supervision of these two Christian music veterans, either indirectly by asking Terry and Ed for their thoughts and opinions or directly by Terry's involvement as producer and the utilization of Ed in the coordination of album covers.




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