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TimeLine : 1997

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  • Terry's son Andrew begins playing drums for a local California band called The Sarah Abrams Attack Tank. (Source: Leah Terrell)

  • Tribute: The Songs of Andrae Crouch is released on Warner Brothers. Alex MacDougall contributed vocals.

    March-June 1997

  • Terry begins writing the memoirs of his life in Christian music.

    April 1997

  • The Giovanni Audiori catalog surveys it's readers to find out what songs they wanted Terry to perform at Cornerstone. Out of the hundreds of entries, the #1 choice was "Walls of Doubt". Terry performed the song at Cornerstone and mentioned the survey.

    May 8, 1997

  • The Choir's live album Let It Fly is released on Tattoo Records. Tim Chandler played bass, and cowrote "Kissers and Killers", and "Sad Face".

    June 14, 1997

  • Doug Doyle masters the FarmBeetles recordings at Digital Dog studios, eleven years after the project was started. Three or four of the songs were recorded in 1986 during the Fearful Symmetry sessions and the remaining tracks were recording in the mid 90s.

    June 21, 1997

  • The San Bernardino County Sun newspaper publishes an article about a local band by the name of Walnut Grove, whose bassist is former DA bassist Marty Dieckmeyer.
    "Walnut Grove, meanwhile, takes the "Feeling groovy" approach. It leans on a cheery 1960's-era pop sound. It formed about 18 months ago when a mutual acquaintance introduced voalist Kristen Proffit, 28, to bassist Marty Dieckmeyer, 41, a veteran of the Orange County music scene. Proffit was a chorale and choir singer. Dieckmeyer said that after he heard her "I thought, 'what a great voice.' It wasn't 'Gee, we'll be successful.' I just heard something with enough potential to put a band together."

    Dieckmeyer, who has ihis own landscaping business, hired Hollywood guitarist and engineer Mark Christian to help the duo put together a demo tape. Christian brought Tustin drummer Roger Smith with him. When the tape - Surprise - landing them their first gig at the Coach House, a well known club in San Juan Capistrano, Walnut Grove was born. Christian and Smith signed on.

    Since then, they have become semi-regulars at the Galaxy theatre in Santa Ana and the Coach House. They've played with artists such as Paula Cole, Throwing Muses and Common Sense. Among their frequent Inland Empire gigs are regular shows at Main Street events on Court Street Square in San Bernardino. The foursome also has recorded a video to be shown on the city's local public access station Channel 3.

    "The hardest part is getting everyone together, because everyone works," said Dieckmeyer. Proffit, with a supportive husband, is the only one who quit her day job selling computers to devote all of her energy to the band. The rest of Walnut Grove and Bol (another band featured in the article) do such things as security work, deliver pizzas, go to schoo, teach music, run flea markets and do social services work for the county. Said Dieckmeyer, "Relationships and chemistry in the band have to be positive. You have to be able to take constructive crticism from each other."

    July 1997

  • TST & Friends perform in Bushnell, Illinois at Cornerstone.
    Set List: Broken Ladders to Glory, Can't Take My Eyes Off of You, Alarma!, The Glory Road, If You Want To, I'll Get Over It, Driving In England, When Everyone Wore Hats, You Lay Down, Walls of Doubt, John Wayne, Zoom Daddy, Safety Net, Let's Spin!, Encore: Ain't Gonna Fight It, Buffalo Hills, The Twist, The Glory Road (Reprise)

  • Terry films about 30 minutes of footage for the 700 club, a tour of Cornerstone for a livelier-than-normal cardboard Pat Robertson. Very little of the footage aired because the 700 Club found it too "controversial".

    Neverhood Songs

  • Neverhood Songs, a soundtrack CD to The Neverhood video game is released at the festival.
    Album Info & Lyrics

  • Terry's Ten Gallon Hat EP (preview pre-release of John Wayne) is released at Cornerstone. Only 1000 copies were printed.

  • Terry also takes part in a press conference at the fest. After the press conference, Terry went back to the Stunt booth and played some songs on his acoustic guitar.

    September 11, 1997

  • Celtic Psalms is released on Straightway. Alex MacDougall was the executive producer.

    November 1, 1997

  • Phil Madeira's 3 Horse Shoes is released on Stunt Records. Terry sings backing vocals on "Christmas this Year".

    November 1997

  • Terry spent a couple of weeks in Nashville, writing songs with Derri Daugherty, Phil Madeira and Steve Hindalong for Derri's upcoming solo project.

  • Terry has agreed to be the head of west coast A&R for the Killen Music Group (KMG Records), a Nashville-based record label. This label, owned by Buddy Killen (Hank Williams' bass player, producer of Heartbreak Hotel, etc.) will be predominantly Christian and has acquired the old Frontline catalog.

    November 11, 1997

  • Jai's Heaven is released on BMG/RCA. Rob Watson is credited with programming and cowriting the track "Don't Give Me Away" with Joel Bogen and Jason Rowe.




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