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TimeLine : 1988

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The Swirling Eddies are hatched


  • Jon Gibson's Change of Heart is released on Frontline Records. Ed McTaggart is credited as the Creative Director and handled art direction.

  • Bill Baumgart's The Kindling is released on Frontline Records. Ed McTaggart handled art direction for the album.

  • Frontline Records' Seventeen Frontline Classics is released. The compilation included various tracks from Frontline artists including Jon Gibson, Crystal Lewis, Mark Farner, Crumbacher, the Altar Boys, and DA's "Shape of Air" and "Divine Instant." Ed McTaggart handled art direction and design.

    January 27, 1988

  • Tonio K's Notes from the Lost Civilization is released on What? Records. David Raven is credited for drum programming; Tim, Rob and David are listed as arrangers.

    February 2, 1988

  • Tim Chandler leaves the Choir, after completing sessions for Chase the Kangaroo, to tour with Tonio K.

  • CCM Magazine's reacurring article "The Toys in the Band" features Daniel Amos.
    Terry: "I like the Rick (Rickenbacker) because it has a clean, sort of 60's sound. It's a simple guitar. Not something that you would use as a lead, but as a rhythm player I like it's fullness. We're getting back to the guitar sound. We're trying to do surprising things with a guitar, seeing what can be done."
    Terry Taylor/Vocals, Guitar: Rickenbacker. Amp: Marshall 50-watt
    Greg Flesch/Lead Guitar, keyboards: Tokai guitar, Roland guitar synth, E-mu Emax. Amp: Gallien Krueger
    Tim Chandler/Bass: Aria Pro II, GL SB1, Hamer 12 String, Fender jazz fretless. Amps: Gallien Krueger 400B bass amp, Ampeg SVT bass cabinet. Misc:Roto-Sound round wound strings
    Ed McTaggart/Drums: Ludwig kit, Gretsch snare, Tama hardware, Zildjian cymbals, Regal Chester Thompson 1A wood tip sticks.

    April 7, 1988

  • The Choir's Chase The Kangaroo is released on Myrrh Records. Tim Chandler plays bass guitar and cowrote "Consider," "Children of Time," "Sad Face," "The Rifleman" and "Look Out (For Your Own)." Jerry Chamberlain and Sharon McCall sang background vocals on "So Far Away."

    Mid 1988

  • Terry went into the studio with Tim Chandler, Greg Flesch and Dave Raven and recorded three songs ("Suns Down", "Like Lazarus" and "Stones Of Venice") under the moniker "Crime Horse" (sometimes mistakenly referred to as "Crime Wars.") The intent was to release a full album of this material, but it never materialized.

    It is interesting to note that when one looks upon the studio tapes for Crime Horse, their eye is immediately drawn to a slightly familiar name scrawled across the box in pencil - "Camarillo Bundy." If the name brings to mind the name of "Camarillo Eddy," Terry's pseudonym from the Swirling Eddies, you are on the right track. It was during this time that Terry decided to steer things in a more freewheeling, fun and satirical direction and the Swirling Eddies were born (or, were they hatched?)!
    Terry: "The name 'The Swirling Eddies' came from a weather report... a swirling eddy is a weather condition. I believe that Tim Chandler suggested it."

    May 7, 1988

  • Terry takes part in a songwriters seminar in Anaheim California for CCM and Christian Artists Corp. Other artists included Dan Posthuma, Brian Tankersley, Tom Howard, Mark Maxwell, and others.

    June 1988

  • The staff of CCM Magazine selects a list of the 25 "Best Contemporary Christian album of all time". DA's Shotgun Angel (#19), Horrendous Disc (#20) both show up on the list.

    July 1, 1988

    Daniel Amos at Cornerstone 1988
    (Cstone 88 Photo courtesy of Michael R. Turkett)
  • Daniel Amos performs in Grayslake, Illinois at Cornerstone.
    Set List: Money (That's What I Want), The Unattainable Earth, The Pool, Half Light Epoch and Phase, Darn Floor - Big Bite, You Can't Do That (Beatles), Pictures of the Gone World, Memory Lane, We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (The Animals), Endless Summer, Revolution (Beatles), Safety Net, I Didn't Build It For Me, A Taste of Honey, Dance Stop, I Didn't Build It For Me (Reprise), Secret Agent Man, The Shape of Air, New Car!, Sanctuary, Encore: Puff the Magic Dragon, Pump It Up (Elvis Costello)

    July 2, 1988

  • Daniel Amos performs in Minneapolis, MN at the Rockatorium.

    July 5, 1988

  • Daniel Amos performs in Denver, Colorado at the Lighthouse.

    July 9, 1988

  • Daniel Amos performs in Pheonix, Arizona.

    July 11, 1988

  • Daniel Amos performs in Los Angeles, California at the Roxy.

    July 25, 1988

  • Ojo Taylor's "Relative" album is released on Broken Records. Terry sang lead vocals on "He Fell In The Water."

    August 1988

  • CCM magazine, in it's LA/West part of the "Insider", mentions DA's cornerstone 88 performance. The author, Chris Willman, jokingly confused DA's set with Mylon LeFevre's by claiming that DA offered a set of "highly choreographed, highly evengelistic, slick, Christian rock with a southern accent and the inevitable testimony of heroin abuse with the stars. Among the highlights of DA's set that wasn't pre-recorded was a rousing audience chant-along of 'Love God Hate Sin'". The writer then described Mylon & Broken Heart's set by saying that they "tore things up with an unpredictable, no-holds-barred performance of wild and wooly post-punk. From the opening cover of 'Money (That's what I want)' through the encore of 'Puff the Magic Dragon', there was no stopping Mylon or his bass player who kept jumping in the air and landing flat on his back without missing a note. And then Mylon.... or was that DA? Whoops. Maybe the Windy City wind blew our notes around a little..."

    August 10, 1988

  • Megamouth 2: The Great Skateboard Adventure is released on Frontline Records. The project was written and performed by Terry Taylor and Greg Flesch.

    August 18-21, 1988

  • Daniel Amos performs at the Flevo festival.

    September 1988

  • CCM magazine retracts their Cornerstone 88 joke confusing DA's set with Mylon LeFevere's (see August 1988). Apparently, Mylon received a number of phone calls from upset people that believed that the description of his set was accurate. Mylon made a call to CCM to let them know that he didn't appreciate the joke.

    September 15, 1988

  • A Mouse Family Christmas: The Christmas Miracle is released on Frontline Kids. The project was written and produced by Terry Scott Taylor; Ed McTaggart handled the art direction; Voice Actors included Connie Watson, Emily Horn, Greg Flesch, Heidi Nelson, Janet McTaggart, Jerry Chamberlain, Mindy Romans, Nathaniel McTaggart, Steve Hindalong and Terry Taylor; the Adult Choir included Brian Martin, Gary Mink, Gayle Barkley, Janet McTaggart, Jerry Chamberlain, Jerry Logquist, Lisa Grinaud, Margaret Hanson, Sharon McCall, Terry Taylor and Todd Larson; the Children's Choir included Bethia McTaggart, Emily Horn, Jerusha McTaggart, Jessica Horn, Mindy Romans, Misty Romans, Nathaniel McTaggart, Raechel McTaggart and Shannon Kempner.

  • Fruits of the Spirit is released on Frontlime Kids. The project is produced and written by Terry Scott Taylor.

    Sept. 22-Nov. 19, 1988

    The Keaggy/Stonehill Band: Randy Stonehill, Phil Keaggy, Tim Chandler and David Raven
    (Randy Stonehill, Tim Chandler, Phil Keaggy and Dennis Holt, who also played drums for part of the tour)
  • Tim Chandler and David Raven Tour with Phil Keaggy and Randy Stonehill.
    Tim: "On the keaggy-stonehill tour, both Phil and Randy would play solo sets to open the gig before we did the full band thing. One night we were playing an auditorium that had a very deep and unlit orchestra pit. Someone standing in the orchestra pit could not be seen by the audience at all, except by, possibly, someone in the front row. But it was so dark that even in the front row you wouldn't be able to see much.

    I convinced both Phil and Dave Raven that it would be a good idea if the three of us snuck down into the orchestra pit during Randy's set to simultaneously "moon" him to see if we could distract him and throw him off. We snuck down into the orchestra pit and stood at an angle in which it would be difficult for the audience to see us, but easy for Randy to spot all three of us. We all mooned him at the same time and I have to say, the sight of guitar legend Phil Keaggy giggling like a school girl and mooning Randy Stonehill was one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life. Unfortunately, because of the lighting, Randy never saw us.

    Determined for some sort of satisfaction, I ran backstage, grabbed a large bunch of red grapes from a snack table and ran back to the orchestra pit. I began to carefully lob grapes at Randy, hoping to get one into his open mouth as he sang. The first few completely missed him. I finally landed one into his big hair (randy had really big hair back then) and Randy felt it but didn't know what it was. He tilted his head slightly to the side and shook out his hair in a sort of dramatic way like he was a Clairol hair model and it was all part of the act. He kept singing and playing the whole time. The next one i threw hit Randy in the eye. Randy kind of went "shut de do', keep out de OW!--", stopped playing and singing and started rubbing his eye. At first, I was really concerned that I might've accidently hurt him (I wasn't actually aiming at his eye) but I was also trying to suppress laughter because it just looked so funny. It became obvious that he was ok and also that he thought someone from the audience (and not me) had thrown the grape when he said these exact words: "as festive as that was, please save what vegetation you have until after the show." By then, of course, Dave, Phil, and I were rolling around on the orchestra pit floor.

  • The Keaggy/Stonehill band films an episode of "Real Videos" in which the entire band is seen rehearsing and introducing videos.

    October 1988

    Daniel Amos at Cornerstone 1988
    (Frontline Flyer courtesy of David Danglis)
  • Frontline Records sends out a flyer teasing a new project by the Swirling Eddies.
    "The Swirling Eddies is a group of Christian music veterans who have disguised their true identities to add intrigue to their flamboyant music. The writing and music is reminiscent of Steve Taylor, Da, Tonio K, the Byrds, The Beatles and the Beach Boys. Sure to appeal to the music buyer who wants something different and exciting. The Swirling Eddies challenge issues that face Christians day to day - and they relate them in a humorous, yet mature way.".

    October 17, 1988

  • Crumbacher's Tame the Volcano is released on Frontline Records. Ed McTaggart handles the art direction and design.

  • Mike Stand's Do I Stand Alone is released on ¡Alarma! Records. The album was produced by Rob Watson. Rob also played keyboards; Tim Chandler played bass; Alex MacDougall played percussion; David Raven played drums; Ed McTaggart handled art direction.

    November 1988

  • The Swirling Eddies project is announced in the CCM Magazine "Insider" column, along with the "Guess the Eddies" contest.

    Swirling Eddies Button
    (Swirling Eddies "Let's Spin" Button)

    November-December 1988

  • The "Guess the Eddies" contest begins. Entrants were supposed to guess the true identities of the six primary Eddies. Contest information was printed in CCM magazine, Cornerstone Magazine and Harvest Rock Syndicate. The winner of the contest was John Esling, who won copies of the entire Frontline Records catalog.

    Let's Spin!

    The Swirling Eddies ~ Let's Spin!

  • The Swirling Eddies' first album Let's Spin! is released. Each band member was credited under a pseudonym, rather than their legal names - Terry was Camarillo Eddy, Greg was Gene Pool, Jerry was Spot, Rob was Arthur Fhardi, Tim was Berger Roy Al, and David Raven was Hort Elvison.

    View Album Reviews
    Album Info & Lyrics

    While Ed McTaggart did not play drums on the album, he did handle the art direction and design.

  • The Swirling Eddies Harvest Rock Syndicate

  • The Swirling Eddies are featured in Harvest Rock Syndicate . "The Spinning Vortex into an Overnight Success"




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