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TimeLine : 1992

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  • Two compilation albums are released - No Sense Of History and Shirley Goodness & Misery --which feature several never-before-released DA songs from as early as 1978. Tim Chandler, David Raven and Greg Flesh perform "Roll the Stone Away" as the Smokin Globes (David sings); David also performs "Eye of the Sun" with MojoMonkeys.

  • Terry Taylor is featured in CCM Magazine. "A Taylor Made Production"

  • Greg Flesch begins to work for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena CA. Greg works in the Atmospheric Laser Spectroscopy Group, writing software for the group's tunable-diode laser spectrometers flown onboard NASA's ER-2 aircraft, balloon, and spacecraft. He also writes software to aid in the reduction, analysis and mining of spectral data.

  • Stunt Records reissues Doppelganger on CD with bonus tracks.
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  • Refuge Records reissues Vox Humana on CD. View Album Reviews
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  • Crumbacher's Time After Time Greatest Hits collection is released on Frontline Records. Ed McTaggart handled art direction for the project.

  • D.A.S.'s Devils, Angels & Saints is released on Eden Records. Ed McTaggart handled the art direction for the album. Musicians include Derri Daugherty, Steve Hindalong and Michael Roe.

  • Dance House Children's Jesus is released on Blonde Vinyl Records. Ed McTaggart handled the art direction for the album.

  • Deliverance's Intense Live Volume One is released. Terry produced the album.

  • Deliverance's Stay Of Execution is released. Terry produced, Arranged, and cowrote "From Once Was" with Jimmy Brown, Mike Grato & Mike Phillips. Deliverance covers DA's "Horrendous Disc", written by Terry Taylor, Mark Cook & Jerry Chamberlain, on which Terry also sings background vocals.

  • Deliverance's Learn is released on Intense Records. Terry produced.

  • Jon Gibson's Forever Friends is released on Frontline Records. Ed McTaggart handled the art direction.

  • Jacob's Trouble's ...Let The Truth Run Wild is released on Frontline Records. The album, which was produced by Mark Heard, featured Jacob's Trouble covering the DA classic "Walls of Doubt." Ed McTaggart handled art direction for the album.

  • Jason Harrod and Brian Funck's Dreams Of The Color Blind

  • Jyradelix's Invincible is released on Myx Records. Rob Watson engineered the album.

  • Ransom's Soul Asylum is released on Intense Records. Ed McTaggart handled art direction for the album.

  • The Various Artists compilation Intense Records: An Intense History Of Christian Metal is released on Intense Records. Ed McTaggart handled art direction and design for the album.

    January 1992

  • The Lost Dogs record Vocals and some overdubs for Scenic Routes at McCrummy Studio in Whittier, CA.

  • Mortal's Lusis is released. Terry produced the album; Rob Watson engineered; Ed McTaggart handled art direction.

    January 21, 1992

  • Randy Stonehill's Wonderama is released on Myrrh Records. Terry produced, cowrote "Wonderama", "I Will Follow", "Barbie Nation", "Great Big Stupid World", "Lantern In The Snow" and "Wonderama Postlude" with Randy and sang background vocals; Tim Chandler played bass; Jerry Chamberlain played lead guitar and sang background vocals; Rob Watson played Keyboards; Dave Raven played drums.

    Terry: "As a producer, I'd say that (Wonderama) was one of my most rewarding experiences, if not the most. We went for a variety of sounds and textures because we had a vision and we didn't want to cheapen it or take the easy way out. I think it's one of the great albums in contemporary Christian music history. It still hasn't been recognized in the way it should." (Source: "Taylor Made Production" by Bruce A. Brown, CCM 1992)

    Randy: "There's a funny story about Wonderama, that I think of now, because when I first brought him (Terry) in on the project, he came over to the house with his guitar and we sat down together. I showed him a few songs that I had already written, like 'Rachel Delevoryas' and 'Sing in Portuguese,' and 'Mice and Men' and some other things. And we started talking about the direction of the record. I think the first thing we wrote together on that project was "Lantern in the Snow." And it was so funny, because this is the idea I had: if Keith Richards went to Snow White's house for Christmas, it's got to have this whimsical thing, the guitar part's got to be right, it's got to have that little feel of the Stones doing 'Ruby Tuesday' or 'Back Street Girl' or something. And he just got it immediately. And it was just such a joyous experience for both of us. I was surprised at the end of the afternoon, as he was packing up his guitar, he said, 'Man, I really enjoyed this, and frankly, I don't do this.' I said, 'What?' He said, 'I never sit down, even with someone in the band, and co-write.' I said, 'You're kidding me.' He said, 'No. Jerry Chamberlain will bring an idea to the table. We might kick it around a little in band rehearsal, and then I'll take it home and I'll work on it. We'll go to our separate corners, and that's how we create it.' Because he hit upon something about songwriting that I think is important and true, and that is it's kind of a naked, vulnerable experience to just open your heart and put these ideas on the table in front of somebody else. And for that to be productive, there has to be a mutual sense of trust and respect so that you can be transparent enough to risk putting an idea on the table that might not work or might not be as good as the other guy's." (Songfacts Interview with Randy Stonehill, Dec. 7 2011)

    January 24, 1992

  • Daniel Amos performs at the New Union in Minneapolis, MN.

    January 25, 1992

  • The Swirling Eddies perform at the New Union in Minneapolis, MN. which was their fifth concert performance.
    Set List: Snowball, Rubber Sky, Let's Spin!, I've Got An Idea, Big Guns, Potential, Mystery Babylon, Urban Legends, Hide the Beer the Pastor's Here, Driving In England, Attack of the Pulpit Masters!, Encore: Don't Hate Yourself, Arthur Fhardy's Yodeling Party

    February 11, 1992

  • At the Foot of the Cross, Volume One: Clouds, Rain, Fire is released on Glass House Records. The album was produced by Derri Daugherty and Steve Hindalong of the Choir; Greg Flesch arranged "Clouds, Rain, Fire", "Sanctus", and "Agnus Dei Nobis Pacem"; Greg cowrote "Kyrie", and "Teach Us To Love You"; Greg also played guitar, Keyboards, Pipe Organ, Bells, Hammond Organ, Dulcimer, Electric Piano, Pump Organ, Accordion, String Bass, Recorder, and Piano; Tim Chandler played bass; Jerry Chamberlain and Sharon McCall contributed vocals; Rob Watson played Electric Piano.

  • Sass Jordan's Racine is released on UNI/MCA. David Raven played drums on the album.

    March 10, 1992

    Lost Dogs ~ Scenic Routes

  • The Lost Dogs release their first album entitled Scenic Routes. Aside from Uncle Terry's heavy involvement with the band, DA's Rob Watson also engineered the album.
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    March 27, 1992

  • Kindred's Quest for the City is released on Intense Records. Ed McTaggart handled the art direction for the album.

    March-April 1992

  • Bruce A Brown reviews the Alarma CD reissue for Syndicate Magazine.
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    April 21, 1992

  • Mercy River's Coyote Moon is released on Brainstorm Artists, Intl. The album was produced by Terry Taylor; Terry mixed the album with Rob Watson; The album was engineered by Rob Watson with "Occasional Help" from Terry; Terry wrote "Reasonable Service", "Can't Go Around The Cross", "Elvis Has Left The Building, Jesus Is Coming Soon"; Terry cowrote "Coyote Moon" and "Shelf Life Of Love" with Randy Stonehill; Terry cowrote "Dear Companion" with Harold Wayne and Greg Kellog. Terry also played 12 string guitar and sang background vocals.

    May 1992

  • Tonio K forms a new band called 16 Tons of Monkeys, with Rob Watson, Dave Raven and Tim Chandler.

    June 1, 1992

  • Tourniquet's Psycho Surgery is released on Metal Blade/Intense Records. Ed McTaggart handled the art direciton for the album.

    June 16, 1992

  • John Austin's The Embarrassing Young is released on Glasshouse Records. The album was co-produced by Mark Heard, Derri Daugherty and Steve Hindalong; Mark also engineered, played accordion, guitar, mandolin and whistle; Tim Chandler played bass guitar; Steve Hindalong played drums; Derri Daugherty played guitar.

    June 19, 1992

  • Adam Again's Dig is released on Brainstorm Artists, Intl. String Arrangements for the album were provided by Rob Watson.

  • Nicole's Wish Me Love is released on Frontline Records. Ed McTaggart handled art direction for the album.

    July 2-5, 1992

    Lost Dogs at Cornerstone 1992
  • The Lost Dogs perform in Bushnell, Illinois at the Cornerstone Festival.
    Set List: You Gotta Move, Scenic Routes, Bullet Train, I Can't Say Goodbye, The Last Testament of Angus Shane, Lord Protect My Child, Old and Lonesome, The Fortunate Sons, Why is the Devil Red?

    July 21, 1992

  • Undercover's Devotion is released on Brainstorm Artists, Intl. Terry sang backing vocals on "Promenade."

    August 11, 1992

  • The Brave's Battle Cries is released on Pakaderm Records. Swirling Eddie David Raven played drums.

    August 16, 1992

    Mark Heard
  • Mark Heard passes away in Springfield, IL, after suffering a heart attack during his performance at the Cornerstone festival.

    September 1992

  • CCM magazine reviews the Lost Dogs' Cornerstone 1992 concert. "The Lost Dogs Concert Review"

    October 1992

  • Daniel Amos begins work on MotorCycle.

  • The Lost Dogs perform at Evangelical Free Church in Fullerton, CA as part of a Mark Heard Memorial concert. Other performers included The Choir, Bryan Duncan, Julie Miller, Kate Miner and Fernando Ortega.

    October 10, 1992

  • Emily's Eyes (Cry Of The Heart) is released on Broken Records. Tim Chandler played bass; David Raven played Drums.

    November 6, 1992

  • Tourniquet's Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance is released on Pathogenic Records. Terry produced the track "The Tempter."

    Late 1992

  • The Lost Dogs perform at Flevo Festival. Derri Daugherty could not attent the show.

  • Daniel Amos gathers to take photos for their next album's artwork. Photos are taken outside of Coach's Sports Bar in Seal Beach, CA. and others are taken outside of Jerry's appartment in Huntington Beach. These photos would go on to be used not only in MotorCycle, but also for BibleLand and Songs of the Heart.




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