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TimeLine : 1993

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  • Browbeat Alternative Unplugged is released on Alarma! Records. Terry performs "Will Have To Do For Now" on the album.

  • Die Happy's Intense Live Volume Four is released. Terry produced.

  • Dig Hay Zoose's Magentamantalovetree is released. Terry has a spoken part on "Secret."

  • Jacob's Trouble's self-titled album is released on Frontline Records. Rob Watson provided strings, organ, keyboards, piano and "Industrial Noise."

  • Rose's Intense Live Volume Three is released. Terry produced.

  • Tourniquet's Intense Live Volume Two is released. Terry produced.

  • Mortal's Intense Live Volume Five is released. Terry produced.

  • Mortal's Fathom is released on Intense/Frontline. Terry produced; Gene Eugene and Rob Watson recorded the album.

  • Poor Old Lu's Mindsize is released on Alarma! Records. Terry produced.

  • Saviour Machine's self-titled album is released on Intense/Frontline. Terry produced and provided background vocals. Rob Watson played keyboards.

  • The Choir's Kissers and Killers is released independently. Tim Chandler played bass; cowrote "Kissers and Killers", "Weather Girl", and "Love Your Mind".

  • Word's WAL label is founded. The label would be used by Word to release many projects by BAI productions.

    February 1993

    Motor Cycle

    Daniel Amos ~ MotorCycle

  • DA's Motor Cycle is released.

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    Album Info & Lyrics

    Terry: "MotorCycle was our pop dream-record. A lot of it is autobiographical. We decided to do a big production record... another 'Sergeant Pepper', and we did it. Very pop, very catchy. Lots of sound effects, overdubs, and vocals. I really love much of that record.... I think it's a little too busy. One of the best pop songs I've written is 'Grace is the smell of Rain', inspired by Frederick Buechner's writings." (1996)

    Ed: "That was a lot of work, because we had to go into the studio and think in pieces - record a little piece here. You know it was a great production effort by Terry obviously to figure out all of that ahead of time so when we got in there.... and this was back in the days when you're cutting those big reels of tape. This is analog and not digital. Turning tapes backwards and editing in pieces together."

    Motor Cycle is dedicated to Mark Heard, whom Taylor very much admired as a songwriter and craftsman. (SOURCE: "dANIEL aMOS Rides Again" by Fred Clark, NOTEBORED Mar/Apr 1993)

    The album title of MotorCycle was suggested by Gene Eugene.

  • Volume 2, Issue 5 of Vertigo, the Swirling Eddies Spinning Vortex Fun Club Newsletter is mailed out to the DA fan club.
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  • Motor Cycle Tracks Single is released to the DA fan club.
  • CCM Magazine Reviews MotorCycle.
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    March 1993

  • Randy Stonehill records two tracks with the Lost Dogs, which would eventually be released on his best of disc, Stories.

  • Bootlevel is released through Stunt and Alternative Records.

    March-April 1993

  • Daniel Amos is featured in NoteBored. "dANIEL aMOS Rides Again"

  • Daniel Amos is featured in Syndicate . "The Gang's Back For A Bold New Ride"

  • Terry Taylor is featured in Release Magazine. "Further Up and Further In"

    April 1993

  • Terry tracks demos with Riki Michele for her second solo album.

    April 23-25 1993

  • The Lost Dogs perform at the Ichthus Festival in Wilmore, KY.

    May 25, 1993

  • Randy Stonehill's collection Stories is released on Myrrh Records. Terry Taylor produced the new tracks and cowrote "Charlie the Weatherman" with Stonehill; Rob Watson played keyboards.

    May-June 1993

  • The Lost Dogs are featured in NoteBored. "Tails of Lost Dogs (and Little Red Riding Hood)"

    July 1993

  • Australia's On Being Magazine publishes a review of DA's MotorCycle.
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    July 1-4, 1993

  • Daniel Amos performs in at the Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, Illinois.
    Set List: If You Want To, Kalhoun, Mall (All Over the World), Big Warm Sweet Interior Glowing, Banquet at the World's End, Hole in the World, Guilty, Buffalo Hills, MotorCycle, Wonderful, So Long, Grace is the Smell of Rain, Wise Acres, So Long Again, I Didn't Build it for Me, Misty, I Didn't Build it for Me (Reprise), Dance Stop, Encore: New Car!

    July 9-10 1993

  • The Lost Dogs perform in Willmar, MN. at the Sunshime Festival.

    July 11, 1993

  • The Lost Dogs perform in Atlanta, GA. at Inner Seeds Fest of Prayer.

    August 4, 1993

  • Fear Not's self titled album is released on Pakaderm Records. Ed McTaggart handled the art direction for the album.

    August 17, 1993

  • Brother Redge's True Roll Model is released on Word Records. Rob Watson mixed the album.

    August 28, 1993

  • The Lost Dogs perform in Running Springs, CA. at Snow Valley Ski Resort for "Superfest: Praise in the Pines."
    Set List: You Gotta Move, Bullet Train, Bad Indigestion, I Can't Say Goodbye, Amber waves Goodbye, Eleanor, It's Rainging, Built For Glory, Hard Times Come Again No More, Breath Deep

    August 29, 1993

    Lost Dogs in San Francisco 1993
  • The Lost Dogs perform at Slim's in San Francisco, CA. with the 77s and Adam Again.

    September 4, 1993

  • Billboard Magazine mentions that reissues are coming of DA's Vox Humana and Terry Taylor's Knowledge & Innocence.

    September 22, 1993

  • Veronica Jane is born to Greg and Karlyn Flesch.

    October 14, 1993

    Lost Dogs ~ Little Red Riding Hood

  • The Lost Dogs' Pray Where You Are (EP) and Little Red Riding Hood are released.
    Album Info
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    Ed McTaggart handled additional layout and production on Little Red Riding Hood.

    Terry: "As I recollect, 'Eleanor' was the very first song I showed the guys in The Lost Dogs during the first day of rehearsal for what would become the Little Red Riding Hood album. Hearing the recording of 'Eleanor' even today, I'm blown away by the pitch-perfect arrangement and feel of it; I can't stress strongly enough how much the individual contributions of each one of my fellow Dogs not only created a soundscape perfectly suited to my vision for the song, but transcended even that; taking it to a deeper, richer, and even more emotionally charged place. Mike Roe's sublimely apropos 'weeping' guitar part at the end of 'Eleanor' still gives me chills, not only because of its flawless execution, but as a further confirmation of just how amazingly perceptive and adept my friends were and are in capturing the essence of the kind of emotionally complex narrative found in a song like 'Eleanor.' I've been truly blessed to have worked with these amazing musicians and dear friends."

    Unreleased songs from these sessions include Terry Taylor's "Together" (Working title of "No Ship Coming In"), "Queen of Heaven" (working title of "Free At Last"), and "Hell, We're Better Than Everyone Else".

    October 1993

  • The Lost Dogs are featured in Visions of Gray.

    November 16, 1993

    Riki Michele's One Moment Please is released on WAL Records. The album was recorded, engineered and Produced by Terry; Terry cowrote "Far, Far" with Randy Stonehill, "Light Of The World" with Ojo Taylor, "Love You Now" with Riki, and "In The Calling" with Gene Eugene. Terry wrote "Love Life and Dance"; Tim played bass; Rob Watson played kerboards; The album also features the other Lost Dogs.

    Late 1993

    Lost Dogs at Flevo Festival 1993 Lost Dogs at Flevo Festival 1993 Lost Dogs at Flevo Festival 1993

  • The Lost Dogs perform at Flevo Festival. Derri Daugherty could not attent the show because his wife was having a baby.
    Set List: You Gotta Move, Scenic Routes, I Can't Say Goodbye, Bullet Train, The Fortunate Sons, Built For Glory, Made To Last, Amber waves Goodbye, Bush League, Old And Lonesome, Why Is The Devil Red?, Breath Deep




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